Feldenkrais – Awareness Through Movement





The Feldenkrais Method® is a somatic/movement teaching and provides you with tools for self-observation, teaching you how to improve your abilities and your sense of comfort and elegance. In uniquely refined movement exploration, and skilfully guided self-awareness, you will increase your sensory self-perception, you will refine and expand your self-image, and you will develop your own authority to recognize and execute balanced action.
The Feldenkrais Method is of great help for injury recovery and prevention; for finding your core strength and for improving fine motor skills, for finding improvement and ease in activities such as playing an instrument, dancing, ophthalmology and repetitive daily tasks.

Neurological- or brain-diverse such as MS, stroke, or cerebral palsy, as well as sleep disorders, and other stress-related symptoms can be greatly improved or alleviated.

This method serves personal growth. It allows you to deepen your conscious lifestyle, find a kinder, more humane way of relating to yourself and others, and learn the art of learning, playfully, curiously, precisely.

Those who choose a four-year professional training find that this method is life-changing.
As Moshe Feldenkrais put it, “I am not interested in flexible bodies, but in flexible minds.”

Whatever aspects attract and motivate you, with patience you will discover new, surprising possibilities for yourself, you will find ways to live your own unique gifts more fully and with a greater sense of ease, lightness, and fulfilment.


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